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[Bearbeiten] Wichtiger Hinweis

Dieses öffentliche Wiki wird zwar vom AK Zensur betrieben, beinhaltet aber keine offiziellen Stellungnahmen. Offizielle Stellungnahmen finden sich unter http://ak-zensur.de/

[Bearbeiten] Important!

This public wiki is technically maintained by AK Zensur. But it contains no official informations from AK Zensur. See http://ak-zensur.de/ for our papers.

Please keep this page in english! --Scusi 17:44, 30. Mär. 2010 (UTC)

[Bearbeiten] What is Operation Censilia?

Operation Censilia is the name for all actions against internet censorship in europe, like proposed by Cesilia 'Censilia' Malmström on Monday 29th of March 2010.

[Bearbeiten] Operation goals

Our goal is to make sure there will be no technical infrastructure deployed in Europe to censor the internet in any way. No Filters, no Access-Blocking, no Chinese-Internet-Walls in Europe. For this goal to reach we have to turn political and public opinion in europe in a strict direction of NO CENSORSHIP.

[Bearbeiten] Operation Targets

[Bearbeiten] Why is the Censilia-Plan so dangerous?

MrTopf was so kind to explain in his blog, read it! Read the background information about censilia plans in this interview with Joe McNamee on Netzpolitik to understand better what's going on.

[Bearbeiten] What can i do?

I don't know what you can do. But i bet you know after thinking a bit about it. Think about the following:

  • What can i do best / What am i good at?
  • What is within my possibilities / What kind of actions i can make real?
  • How do i know to help me with?
  • How could i realize it?

...and now go call up your peers and start do something about it.

The experience in germany shows it usually works best works to start with the people around you in your daily life. Convince them first. This has two advantages, first you can training how to convince people best and second you build up a base of people you can start further action with once they are convinced it's necessary to do something about it.

If you are member of a political party or so start to convince your party.

[Bearbeiten] How can i join Operation Censilia

Get active and use the name and you are already part of it. No, seriously, if you start something let others know about it, so they can join and support you. Put it into this wiki, post it on twitter use hashtag #censilia,.... i'm pretty sure we will hear about it.

[Bearbeiten] Articles

These articles are a good starting point to inform yourself about the issue.

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